"My father gave me free run of his library. When I think of my boyhood, I think in terms of the books I read."

Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

One Thing Stolen.Realistic fiction

Author Beth Kephart states, "know this." One thing stolen is this imperative statement.

Know this: I am biased. I am a lover of all things Beth Kephart, so be forewarned, dear students, this is a very biased review.

Firenze (perhaps, known as Florence to you) is the city that witnesses much. It is the anniversary of the 1996 flood by the River Arno which brought massive destruction of art and lives. Heartbreak worldwide. This grand city is now witness to the gradual disentigration of sensitive and intelligent teenage girl, Nadia. Her professor-father, consumed with his studies, her mother and brother all seem to be fearful of the turn of events, yet helpless. Nadia forgets. Nadia steals, Nadia creates things of beauty. Round and around she suffers through these cycles.

Poetic and visceral descriptions of place, events and characters combine so effortlessly that you are there....riding the motorbike over cobblestone with Benedetto, feeling the damp seep through your vintage clothing with Maggie. Kephart not only transforms Nadia as the mud angels transformed Florence, but transforms, you the reader, from observer to participant until the last page.

Recommended for Forms A and up, along with adults.